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Unmatched Privacy & Security for
Your Users

Get limitless privacy and security for your users, customers, and employees, with zero transaction fee.

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Get decentralized user profiles and credentials for your business that fully comply with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA with no transaction fees.

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Integrate OwlMeans credentials into your project

Build your project around decentralized user profiles, groups, permissions, documents, signatures, and verifiable credentials






Compliance Assurance

Ensure ultimate GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliance for your business.

Zero-Fee Web 3.0

Enjoy zero-transaction fee decentralizing Web 3.0 interactions.

Privacy Solution

Provide ultimate privacy for your users, customers, and employees.

Security Solution

Offer ultimate security for your users, customers, and employees.

Decentralized Ecosystem

Create a decentralized ecosystem under your brand.

Web 3.0 Software Development Consulting

Get Web 3.0 software integrated into your existing project, or build a new project from scratch around Web 3.0 technologies

Web 3.0 Development Consulting

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System Design and Roadmap

We design the optimal system and its development roadmap.

User-Focused Implementation

We implement the proposed roadmap in a timely manner with a focus on your users.

Team Onboarding

We teach your team how to use, develop, and support your project.

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Работа с ноутбуками

Other Consulting Services

Our experienced team is ready to take your software project or business to the next level. We specialize in IT, process automation, and e-commerce, and can assist any organization, regardless of whether they plan to use web 3.0 technologies or not.

Process optimization

We can help you organize your business processes with modern software and establish a transparent and simple OKR system, freeing up to 80% of your time and guaranteeing a performance boost.

Unlock growth

We can identify technical bottlenecks in your software or business to unlock its growth potential

Build a team

We can build a software development or operation team from scratch for your software business

Turnkey e-commerce

We offer advanced e-commerce consulting, including the turnkey development of your e-commerce business or marketplace, as well as innovative e-commerce consulting to leverage Web 3.0 and AI technologies.

Fast launch e-commerce

We also offer basic e-commerce consulting and software development and administration consulting to help you build your own internet store, marketplace, or delivery service

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations — finance and assets management

Decentralized decision making and financial management for organizations (SSI+DAO — coming soon)


Decentralized Organization Creation

Create a decentralized organization with zero transaction costs.


Asset Management

Enable your organization to manage assets with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).


Digital Certificates & Verifiable Credentials

Produce digital certificates and verifiable credentials based on decisions made in the DAO.


Verifiable Credentials and DAO Integration

Use verifiable credentials to influence the organization processes by consuming them through the DAO.

Our values

There is no conflict between society and an individual

Society is an environment where individuals can strive and benefit from shared goods.

Fairness of shared resource usage

Most individual and social problems arise from someone trying to abuse shared resources (tragedy of the commons).

Trust management is key

The fairness of shared resource usage is the ultimate unsolvable issue of trust that all conscious people must still keep on trying to solve.

Bring technology into society's trust management

We need to replace trust management tools that were invented when information was spreading at the speed of a horse.

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