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Working Together

What we do

We develop software solutions in the areas of Web 3.0 and Self-Sovereign Identity in particular.

ID Karma

An app to share opinions and claims about people, products, content, businesses, and other entities, in a trustable manner.

What we offer


Software development consulting in the area of Self-Sovereign Identity. We develop apps on all layers: web, mobile, backend.

Image by Scott Graham

Software projects and products audit. We can analyze the state of software products to find both marketing and technical bottlenecks.

Working Alone in the Office

White-label OwlMeans Regov SSI platform and build your software solution based on it.

Our values

No society vs individual conflict

— society is an environment where individuals can strive benefiting from shared goods;

Fairness of shared resources usage

— most of the individual and social problems arise from someone’s try to abuse shared resources (tragedy of the commons);

Trust management is a key

— fairness of shared resources usage is ultimate unsolvable issue of trust, that all conscious people still must to keep on trying to solve;

Bring technologies in society trust management

— we need to replace trust management tools that were invented, when information were spreading with the speed of horse.


Looking for an investor

Right now OwlMeans needs smart money to allow its funder fully focus on the project, getting warm contacts among governmental, eductional or finencial organizations.


OwlMeans possesses two years of intensive experience with R&D, business development, and business analsyis, in Self-Sovereign Identity field.


The initiative was started as a response to arbitrariness of the belarusian government during protests in 2020.


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