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Rethinking the internet

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Rethinking the Internet

We are group of specialist in the field of software development. Our team do research and development in the area of SSI (Self-sovereign identity)

OwlMeans team has broad experience with Web and mobile development, enterprise software development and cryptography.

We use our knowledge and technologies to rethink the Internet. Our goal is to make people’s identity in the Internet and real world independent from corporations, centralized and even decentralized storage (like blockchains)


We develop ready made open-source platform for people, who want to launch SSI applications based on W3C VC and W3C DID standards.

Businesses and nonprofit organizations can have vision, how to use these technologies to produce value for their customers and users. With our tech they can launch their own SSI platforms.

Also we develop and run our own SSI platform — OwlMeans Re:gov, as an example of such solution.

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What is identity

When one creates his or her accounts in different services in the network and uses them, they build and operate their identity in the virtual space.

Your physical documents (e.g. driving license or ID) are proofs of your identity in the real world.

We are erasing this border and transfer control over your identity to your hands.


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