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Easily and seamlessly integrate self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials into your business operations.

Take advantage of decentralized identity, user profiles, groups, permissions, signatures, authentication, and authorization, as well as custom verifiable claims and credentials, for your project.

Ensure GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliance with ease.

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Develop your Web 3.0 solution in a serverless and transaction cost-free manner.

Under construction

If you want to learn how to use it and get value out of it, you can purchase one of our consulting services:

One-time business and technical consultation

2 hours to analyze your problems and propose possible solutions

OwlMeans Credentials Basic Tech Support

at least 12 hours a week of business and development consulting for your team with the goal of helping you get value out of integrating OwlMeans Credentials into your business in the most effective way

Get a custom offer

explain your problem and receive a custom offer.

Actually, anyone can fork our libraries from GitHub for free or install them via NPM for free into their project. Unfortunately, the documentation is currently under construction because we have put all our efforts into creating a great piece of technology for our clients and partners, which we have had since the beginning of OwlMeans Credentials.

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