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OwlMeans Re:gov has been renamed to OwlMeans Credentials due to a naming collision and lack of clarity. However, we are still dedicated to our significant social cause of fighting for democracy worldwide, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe. Currently, we are actively involved in a digital project to support the fight for freedom for Belarusians. As requested by our partners, we cannot disclose further details about it. Additionally, the Re:gov wallet will soon be returning in a new role 😀

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OwlMeans Re:gov

New society software platform

Why, and why now…

This platform that can help people self organize in countries occupied by dictators like Putin or Lukashenko.

Any, even the most corrupt government, provides people the source of trust. It provides document that different parties can use to trust one another


OwlMeans Re:gov can transfer trust management from government institutes to businesses, self-organized groups and individuals

Use-case for "resistance" against dictatorship

Self-government organizations, e.g. entrepreneur and trade unions
  • People can arrange entrepreneur or trade union

  • Such organization can grant membership certificates to businesses

  • Business can use this certificate to sign contracts that doesn’t go via corrupted officials

  • Such signatures will also guarantee that the contractor is a part of some specific union

Trusted journalism
  • Journalists can form their organizations

  • They can sign their articles with the signature anonymously

  • People who trust the organization, can trust signed articles, even if they received from some anonymising intermediary

Trusted resolutions of different initiatives
  • The same schema but with the calls of different socio-political organization - e.g. request to gather a meeting that is received from 3rd party

Independent anonymized IDs
  • For example to get free medical help from volontirs by those who suffer from repression

  • Anonymized proofs of education or experience, e.g. for layers, doctors etc.

  • Personal IDs that can be used with self-government organizations to simplify process of work with citizens

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Technical traits
  • Application is working on your device

    • No servers from a provider required

    • Online is not necessary

  • All your data is your

    • You create your data and store it

    • You choose who to share with

    • You choose who to trust

  • Free choice of communication media

    • Internet

    • Physical file transfer

    • Even paper

The problem
  • Trust is a solution of public good problem

  • Government is a source of trust, but...

    • Corruption

    • Slow feedback loop because of delegates

    • Risk of dictatorship

    • Slow procedures

  • Government states who you can trust by their official documents emission of these documents: ID, driving license, passports, diplomas, etc., but...

    • Expensive (covered with taxes)

    • Slow - few points of service, long outdated procedures (monopoly, expensive, etc)

  • Government stores your data and put it at risk

    • Can be stolen

    • Can be misused

Protest Sign

The solution

  • You can choose what document issuer you trust

  • You can issue your documents with any issuer you trust

  • Only you store your documents and choose who to share them with

  • Anyone can be issuer of documents, even you

  • Document issuing and validation is free

  • Almost zero time needed to collect, provide and verify any package of documents

Software Programmer
How it works
  • Every user has pairs of cryptographic keys to sign documents and verify signatures

  • Documents are distributed with certificates that are based on keys of issuers and holders

  • You can add certificates of parties you trust to your wallet application and verify provided documents: if they are signed by trusted issuers

  • Everything is based on SSI (Self Sovereign Identity), W3C VC (verifiable credentials), and W3C DID (Decentralised ID), standards that are compatible with initiatives like ESSIF (European Self Sovereign Identity Framework)

  • The main difference that our solution is fully decentralized and doesn’t require any servers, blockchain, or networking, to work

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