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Ensure privacy compliance by storing users' data on their devices

A collection of apps and services that can be used as they are or customized to integrate your project into the verifiable credentials ecosystem.

Leverage the possibility of incorporating Self-Sovereign Identity, Verifiable Credentials, and Digital Signature software into your business.


Replace outdated data, permissions, and trust management in your business with innovative decentralized solutions.

Verifiable Credentials Wallet for Mobile

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OwlMeans ID

The OwlMeans ID mobile wallet offers users complete privacy and security for their data by allowing them to store it on their own devices. This self-sovereign identity wallet ensures that you can avoid the difficulties of storing user data while still complying with various global regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Store data on your device - use everywhere.

Verifiable Credentials Wallet for Web

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Полуоткрытый ноутбук

OwlMeans ID for Web

OwlMeans ID for Web is a self-contained Verifiable Credentials Web Wallet that eliminates the need for additional software installation. It securely stores user data on devices, ensuring privacy and security, while complying with global regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Store data in your trusted web browser - synchronize with trusted storage

Integrated Verifiable Credentials Wallet for Mobile and Web

OwlMeans Invisible SSI

We offer user-friendly Web 3.0 solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing system. Our solution ensures effortless access and onboarding for ordinary users, without introducing any new technologies or creating high barriers.

Transform your mobile or web application into a secure user-side data storage

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Peer-to-peer DIDComm Communication Server

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OwlMeans Credentials Interaction Server

Secure message server for anonymous and encrypted exchange of messages and data between users and services. Only endpoints can access the data. OwlMeans Credentials supports Verifiable Credentials with binary data, including media and files. Interaction Service transmits messages between end consumers without storing the content online or disclosing the data.

Connect your users and services via a secure messaging layer.

Verifiable Credentials Wallet for Servers

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OwlMeans ID Bot

OwlMeans Credentials can work fully serverless because issuing and verification of credentials and signatures can be done manually between users - for example, between customers and employees. However, in many cases, it's valuable when your service can generate and verify credentials automatically. OwlMeans ID Bot allows you to develop your custom issuing and verification service.

Automate interaction with your users using verifiable credentials.

Verifiable Credentials Infrastructure Extensions

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OwlMeans Credentials Extensions

OwlMeans Credentials is a flexible JavaScript solution and library that allows you and your team to develop, support, and build a business around your own solutions. With its plugin and add-on framework, you can easily integrate your offerings into other businesses that rely on OwlMeans Credentials solutions and ecosystem.

Create and reuse Verifiable Credentials infrastructure building blocks.

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