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Interaction Server

OwlMeans Credentials Interaction Server

A message server that enables the exchange of encrypted messages and datagrams anonymously and without censorship between users and services. Only endpoints have access to the data.

This is a specialized message server for peer-to-peer interaction using Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identities. Messages and datagrams are encrypted on the client-side and transferred anonymously and securely via the interaction server according to the DIDComm standard. The interaction server does not know who exchanged the data or what its content is.

OwlMeans Credentials supports Verifiable Credentials containing binary data, such as media and files.

The Interaction Service can transmit such messages between end consumers (users or services) without directly storing its content online or disclosing its data.

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On-premises isolated

For those who require an isolated message server at a large scale.

On-premises interconnected

For those who require an interconnected message server at a large scale and want to become part of OwlMeans Credentials' global ecosystem.

As a globally integrated service

For those who want to reuse user data created by other services and enhance their users' experiences outside their own services.

As an isolated service

For those who build their competitive advantage or security by limiting their users to their own services.

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