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Invisible ID Wallet

OwlMeans Invisible SSI

OwlMeans Invisible SSI is a web user wallet for verifiable credentials that can be integrated into your service to provide decentralized user data management.

Software development

We provide turnkey integration consulting and development

Solution design

We make business analysis and technical solution design.

Tech support

We offer basic technical support for your team integrating Invisible SSI

Web 3.0 expertise

We do Web 3.0 development and integrations integrating other web 3.0 solutions with our Invisible SSI Wallet.


We onboard and educate your team.

We propose adoption-less Web 3.0 solutions for your users. Most Web 3.0 solutions propose revolutionary technologies with a completely new user experience, claiming that it is better. And indeed, it is better. However, it creates an almost unbearable entrance barrier for ordinary users.

We provide a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your system, keeping the user experience of accessing and onboarding into your ecosystem effortless. This is achieved by hiding the technology within your existing flow, introducing nothing new.

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