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ID Wallet for Servers

OwlMeans ID Bot

OwlMeans ID Bot is a server-side wallet for integrating the Self-Sovereign Identity and Verifiable Credentials ecosystem into your backend infrastructure.

Free of charge

Develop and deploy verifiable credentials server side wallet using your development capabilities using our guidelines.

Integration and customization

Order turnkey lightweight integration with your business both as a service and on-premises.

Tech support

We offer basic technical and business support for your team integrating OwlMeans ID Bot.


Subscribe to an integrated ecosystem that connects the credential wallets of your customers and services. This allows for seamless interaction without the need to invest time and money in building your own backend infrastructure.

Issue and verify credentials automatically based on your service's rules.

OwlMeans Credentials can work fully serverless because issuing and verification of credentials and signatures can be done manually between users - for example, between customers and employees. However, in many cases, it's valuable when your service can generate and verify credentials automatically.

OwlMeans ID Bot allows you to develop your custom issuing and verification service.

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