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OwlMeans Credentials for Professionals

OwlMeans Credentials Core Libraries

Services and products for software industry professionals

OwlMeans Credentials Core is an open-source full-stack JavaScript library that allows to implement Self-Sovereign Identity and Verifiable Credentials into new and existing software projects.

Verifiable credentials enable data storage on the user's side, rather than on the service side. This helps address privacy concerns as you are not responsible for securely storing user data. Instead, the user shares the necessary data with you when a specific transaction occurs.

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Custom services for software development professionals

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Integrate verifiable credentials into your project

Libraries for software industry professionals

Available for free

OwlMeans Credentials Core is a collection of open-source JavaScript packages that can be freely used in your project.

Get your own team

We will assemble a development team that is fully capable of supporting OwlMeans Credentials-based solutions.


Your team has the option to fully customize the OwlMeans Credentials-based solution or request customization from us.

Build and sell OwlMeans Credentials Extensions and Services together

OwlMeans Credentials has an extensible architecture that allows you to create your own plugins. These plugins can be distributed and sold as your own separate solutions.

Core Extensions

Digital identity system

OwlMeans Credentials Core provides a cryptographically proven digital identity system for your users.

Decentralized authentication and authorization solution

Integrate decentralized authentication and authorization for your services.

Decentralized groups and permissions

OwlMeans Credentials Core offers a decentralized groups membership and roles system for your users.

Digital signatures

Provide digital signatures for your clients and customers.

Cryptographically-proven certificates

Create custom verifiable claims, proofs, badges, certificates, and marks for your users and products.

React UI library

Components kit to quickly build your own web wallets and integrated UI on React JS to manage Verifiable Credentials.

React Native UI library

Components kit to quickly build your own mobile applications on React Native to manage Verifiable Credentials.

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