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ID Wallet Extensions

OwlMeans Credentials Extensions

The first web 3.0 composable and plugin-extendable wallet ecosystem.

OwlMeans Credentials is a JavaScript solution and library based on plugins and add-ons. This means you and your team can develop, support and create a business around your own solutions, which can be easily integrated into other businesses that rely on OwlMeans Credentials solutions and ecosystem.

OwlMeans Credentials offers plug-and-play plugins and add-ons to extend the capabilities of your solution, at a lower cost than custom development.

Create own business with us

Contribute to the OwlMeans Credentials Ecosystem

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Reuse verifiable credentials solutions made for OwlMeans Credentials Ecosystem

Capability of OwlMeans Credentials Extensions

Become OwlMeans Partner

Learn how to develop and create a business around OwlMeans Credentials for free.

Solution design

We provide business consulting for extension developers.

Partnership program

Partnership program for resellers of solutions around the OwlMeans Credentials Interaction Service, used as a service.

Software development service

Order the development of your own OwlMeans Extension from us, and create a business around it.

Deep technical support

Extended technical and business support for extension developers.

Tech assistance for your team

We provide technical consulting and education for extension developers.

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