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OwlMeans Credentials for Businesses

OwlMeans Credentials Ecosystem Integration & Development Service

A turnkey self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials ecosystem that adapts to your business and users.

An all-in-one serverless and Web 3.0 decentralized ecosystem solution for your service. It can work without blockchains, so it's completely free from transactions or gas fees.

It can be used either under your brand completely isolated from OwlMeans or in a shared ecosystem powered by OwlMeans partnership network.

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Custom services for businesses and organizations

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Get a turnkey solution for your organization

Verifiable credentials ecosystem integration

Turnkey integration

We will integrate the OwlMeans Credentials ecosystem into your project for you.

Onboarding and education

We will onboard and train your team to effectively use verifiable credentials.

Web 3.0 business consulting

We will analyze your business case and help to outplay your competitors.

Build your tech team

We will assemble an on-site development and integration team for you.

Basic support

We will assist your integration team to ensure that they can maximize the benefits

Products included

  •  Credentials Core

  •  User decentralized identity module

  •  User groups and permissions module

  •  Custom credentials module

  •  Credentials with attached files and data

  •  Digital signature module

  •  Integrated authentication and authorization module

  •  Integratable web wallet

  •  Integratable mobile wallet

  •  Custom web wallet app under your brand

  •  Custom mobile wallet app under your brand

  •  OwlMeans ID ecosystem integrated

  •  Credentials Interaction Server

  •  OwlMeans Credentials Bot 

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