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ID Wallet for Web

OwlMeans ID for Web

OwlMeans ID for Web is a ready-made web wallet for verifiable credentials that can be used by your users to store, manage, and operate their data related to your business.

It is a standalone Verifiable Credentials Web Wallet that can be used as a service without the installation of any additional software. It stores data on the users' side, providing limitless privacy and security for their data, and freeing you from the headaches of storing their data without violating multiple compliances around the globe (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.)

You can feel the full power of the OwlMeans Credentials ecosystem with lightweight integration with your business.

White label or OwlMeans Partner

It works well both under your brand isolated and as a part of the OwlMeans Ecosystem.

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Next generation data and privacy management

Start using verifiable credentials today

Integrate for free

Leverage your development team to get full power of verifiable credentials 

Integration service

Turnkey lightweight integration with your business.

Ecosystem integration

Subscribe to an integrated ecosystem that connects the credential wallets of your customers and services. This allows for seamless interaction without the need to invest time and money in building your own backend infrastructure.

Technical support

Basic tech and business support for your team.

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