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Can SSI based social network be fun?

Updated: Apr 27

Kids playing with colorful toys, building their imagination.

We've previously discussed three important features of SSI social networking: privacy, data security, and content control. However, social media platforms aren’t places to hide; they're also places to connect and be entertained. So, where does the fun come from in a social network with privacy in mind?

Let's now talk about entertainment. In the earliest versions of decentralized social networks developers can cater to people who enjoy intellectual conversations. If you're more into TikTok, this might not be your first choice... or maybe it will be.

Imagine having insightful and diverse discussions with strangers. Such a social network can guide debates on a variety of topics, ensuring free expression and equality regardless of gender, age, followers, or occupation.

While the term "guided" may be a bit ambiguous, the idea of meeting random people adds an element of intrigue to the platform's discussions. In this new social world, everyone should find their moment of shine.

We're curious to know if the appeal of free and respectful exchanges will attract people who aren't necessarily interested in intellectual debates. Think about those times when you wished you could respond freely to arrogant remarks without any fear of consequences.

Talking about decentralized social networks we’d propose to make a bet on. an exciting aspect of social networking: a haven for individuals who value intellectual discourse, free expression, and equality.


A critical question emerges in the world of decentralized social networks focusing on privacy, data security, and content control: Can it also be fun? Consider an environment where intellectual conversations thrive, with intelligent discussions and guided debates on a variety of themes. This changing social landscape promises a safe refuge for free expression that transcends boundaries. We'd want to hear your ideas on whether a decentralized platform can support both academic discussions and entertaining interactions. Are you thinking of starting one? Please contact us for assistance!

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