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How to build social network on top of self-sovereign identity?

Updated: Apr 27

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In the previous article, we discussed the motivation behind rethinking existing solutions through the lens of web 3.0, and why SSI can fix some major issues in our world and the Internet in particular.

Any mobile social network app allows sharing and consuming content privately and securely only with intended people. But it’s a bit far from the whole story if we rethink it with SSI in mind. It’s not even a main feature of the final solution.

Social Networks and SSI

Making a social network app with SSI can be thought of as a software applications designed to securely store your cryptographic keys and verifiable credentials documents. This innovative approach to online communities is distinguished by its integration of communication network functionality, allowing users and their connections to create private networks and interact securely within them.

As a result, the following features and qualities are available on such a community platform:

  • Account Creation and Privacy: To access the network, you must first create an account on your device. The server database does not have any information about your account. You have complete control over revealing your profile and identity with only those you choose.

  • Private Content Sharing: The community platform allows you to exchange private and trustworthy content with your social circles. Your friends and you save the material you make on your own devices. This content is only shared with third parties with your specific permission and is not stored on the server - your data remains private.

  • Improved Online Interactions: The major goal of such a community platform is to allow for the exchange of comments and reviews on current online resources such as product listings, blog entries, and other web pages. This strategy tries to combat the proliferation of fraudulent reviews and other deceptive practices typical on such sites. Instead of adding to the clutter, such a community platform allows you to leave reminders for yourself and your friends, ensuring that important stuff is not overlooked. Don't you agree that your bookmark lists and notes with comments are frequently forgotten and unused?

  • Verifiable Interactions and Social Score: Such a community platform allows users to generate proof certificates outlining their interactions and capabilities, which can then be utilized to generate a non-discriminatory social score. In contrast to the contentious concept of a "social score," which frequently raises privacy issues, such a community platform assures that all of your social score tokens are securely maintained on your device and can only be shared with third parties at your discretion. This feature allows you to swiftly communicate and demonstrate your strengths to strangers when necessary.

  • Regular SSI Wallet Functions: Such a community platform also includes regular SSI wallet capabilities, allowing you to store important documents like your driver's license and travel documents. While these features may appear insignificant now, their importance will grow as more individuals use applications like such a community platform.


Finally, the combination of social networks with verifiable credentials wallets represents a substantial advancement in digital privacy and security. This novel technique could transform how we see and interact with online platforms. Users are empowered in previously unthinkable ways by combining the convenience of a community platform with the sophisticated security features of an SSI ID Wallet. Let’s discover it in the next article.

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